Advertise With Us

Advertise with Us

Urban Gujarati is a No. 1 Gujarati Film Industry Website. We offer a complete online promotion for your business or product. Apart from business or Product, we also promotes Gujarati films, Music videos and more. Urbangujarati website has an immense impact on Search Engine.

We offers Gujarati Movie Promotion on our Website as well as on Social Media. Social Media marketing includes free and also paid media promotion.


Details of Advertise with Us:


Website Banner Ad – Header, In Content and Side Widget


Advertise with Us

This Header Advertise will be of size 728×90 pixels. Header Ad will be displayed on every page of the Website. So It is like a Crown for our website and it will give your business a major response.

Price for Header Ad: INR 10,000 for 3 months

Advertise with Us

Content Ad will be of size 728×90. Flash Made Content Advertise is one of the most effective Ad place. As Users are reading the blogs and in between Your Business banner will be displayed. This Content Ad banner will be displayed in the middle of the content on every blog/news.
Price for Content Ad: INR 8,000 for 3 months


Side widget Advertise will be of size 250×250. This type of ad will be displayed in the side widget. Side widget will be available on every single page and Posts.

Price for Side Widget Ad: INR 5,000 for 3  months

Value Added Service:

SEO Friendly News Article

WikiPedia Blog (For Gujarati Film Industry)

All Three Ads – Header, Content and Side Widget Advertise will be responsive and Mobile Friendly.

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