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Surati Locho Urban Gujarati Movie Star Cast Story Release Date

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Surati Locho is upcoming Urban Gujarati movie. This film is showing the story of a Surat city of Gujarat. Director Harry Baraiya is presenting this upcoming Urban Gujarati film. Only Cinema Entertainment is presenting this film.

Makers will release more details about this Gujarati movie soon. Apart from its banner and Writer, director names, Star cast, story, poster, release date will reveal soon.

Surati Locho Gujarati Movie Details:

Director, Writer- Harry Baraiya

Studio- Only Cinema Entertainment



The film poster shows World’s wonders like Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramid of Giza, The Colosseum in Rome, etc. Then a foreigner lady is taking sunbath. It is a funny comedy Gujarati film.

Harry Baraiya is a Gujarati movie Director. Apart from this film, harry is also having upcoming films Haas Love Thai Gayo and Patel Pachho Na Pade Thakor Koi Thi Na Dare.

Actually Surati Locho is a famous food item from Surat city. Generally, it is a breakfast item. It is having less oil, steam baked. It is served with Spicy Chutney, chilli and Sev.

stay Tuned for more details about movie Surati Locho and Gujarati Film Industry.

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