Gujju Rocks Upcoming Urban Gujarati Movie 2016

Gujju Rocks Upcoming Gujarati Movie Star Cast Trailer Release Date

Gujju Rocks is an upcoming Urban Gujarati movie for 2016. Gujju Rocks is the story of a rich business man Jayant Kansara. Jayant Kansara is an owner of travel agency and he is married to his love Kishori.

Though his life is going fairly smoothly, Jayant carries over his negativity like stress into both his home and work life. An employee of his office, Madan Patel advices Jayant to star an affair with his secretary in order to bring some spice in his routine life.

As a way of getting attention and sympathy from the secretary, Jayant spins about his wife being mentally sick.

In turn of this, there is a chain of events that leads the secretary to forcing him to get married to her and trying to keep his illegal activities a secret. She planning somehow getting arrested for to murder his wife.

To find out how the sequence of events culminates into a thrilling ride, you have to watch the most hilarious Gujrati film of the season “Gujju Rocks”

To know full story of this movie, you have to watch the most hilarious Gujrati film of the season “Gujju Rocks.

Gujju Rocks: Upcoming Urban Gujarati Movie Details:

Star Cast:

Priyanka Panchal

Vipul Vitthlani

Crew Details:

Director: Imtiaz Patel

Producer: Imtiaz Patel

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Gujju Rocks Release Date:

25th November 2016

While Imtiaz Patel is directing and producing the hilarious comedy movie. Teaser of this movie is released on 23rd July, 2016. But Still we need to wait for trailer till makers release it.

Gujju Rocks Teaser:

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