Bapu kya chhe – Upcoming Gujarati film by Pankaj Trivedi

Bapu Kya Chhe Urban Gujarati Movie is being produced by High Speed EntertainmentRupali Entertainment. Upcoming film Bapu kya chhe is a fun film based on an untrue incident, is a story of Bipinchandra Jagirdas Gandhi, an 88-year-old man, who is in coma for last 68 years.

Bapu Kya Chhe
Bapu Kya Chhe

Bipinchanndra Jagirdas Gandhi, aka BI JA GANDHI (second Gandhi) is the man with whom mahatma Gandhi spoke last, just before his last breath, BI JA was there at the time of mahatma’s assassination and was injured in the stampede. He thus went into coma and has been kept alive ever since by the government of India as a NATIONAL TREASURE.

The entire nation expects BI JA to wake up one day and reveal what was the mahatma’s last words.

And he indeed wakes up arousing the curiosity of the entire nation for the first question he asks is “BAPU KYA CHHE?!!”

As BI JA was in coma for 68 years, the government decides that BI JA will not be told that 68 years have gone by, and thus they decide to get him to meet with the mahatma. So begins the search for someone who looks and acts like the mahatma.

Their search ended on an alcoholic and womanizer actor who has played role of mahatma during all his acting life.

And now starts the fun ride, which transcends into a hilarious political satire with a great social message.


Bapu Kya Chhe Star Cast:

Dharmendra Gohil

Avani Modi

Mihir Bhuta

Pankaj Trivedi