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Gujarati Film Industry : Gujarati Cinema to Urban Film Journey

Gujarati Film Industry or Gujarati Cinema
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Gujarati film industry or Gujarati Cinema is one of important regional film industries of Cinema of India with Gujarati language. So First starting with Film Industry history, Gujarati Film Industry first film is Narsinh Mehta in 1932.

From 1960 to 1980, Gujarati Cinema had golden period in which there were historical epic films. But then after Gujarati film industry saw a degeneration. The Government of Gujarat announced a 100% entertainment tax release for Gujarati films in 2005 and a policy of incentives in 2016.

Gujarati Film Industry, referred as Dhollywood is in development phase again. Veteran actors Naresh kanodia, Ramesh Mehta, Upendra Trivedi, Mallika Sarabhai, Arvind Trivedi, Asrani, Hiten Kumar were very successful in Gujarati Cinema.

Gujarati Film Industry- kevi Rite Jaish

Gujarati Film Industry- kevi Rite Jaish

Targeting Urban viewers, Ashish Kakkad directed The Better Half movie in 2008 which is first film on super 16 mm format and first to release in Multiplexes.

But the Gujarati Film Industry gets boost with the film Kevi Rite Jaish which released in 2012. This film created interest in Urban Film lovers. Gujarati People who are watching Bollywood and Hollywood films only, started watching Gujarati films with Kevi Rite Jaish.

After that, Thai Jashe (2016), Wrong Side Raju (2016), Bey yaar (2014), Saptapadii (2013), Happy Family Pvt Ltd (2013), Aapne To Dhirubhai (2014), Whiskey Is Risky (2014), Aa Te Kevi Duniya (2015), Canvas (2015), Jo Baka (2015), Premji: Rise of a Warrior (2015), Bas Ek Chance (2015), Hu Tu Tu Tu (2016), Romance Complicated (2016), Polampol (2016) and Fillam (2016), Gujjubhai The Great (2015) are the films which are welcomed warmly by Gujarati people.

While, Wrong Side Raju Gujarati movie which released on 9th September 2016 is the first film which has Bollywood’s famous production firm. Bollywood Director Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom films produced Wrong Side Raju film. Even Most Popular Indian Playback singer Arijit Singh gave his voice for this film’s song ‘Satrangi Re’.

Now Digital and Social media are also helping to grow up Gujarati film Industry. We, at Urbangujarati Films, also wants to promote Film Industry as being Gujarati and being Socially Responsible firm.

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Gujarati Film Industry : Gujarati Cinema to Urban Film Journey
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Gujarati film industry or Gujarati Cinema is in development phase. From 2012 with film Kevi Rite Jaish, people started watching Urban Gujarati Films
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