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Power of Patidar Gujarati Film Rejected in Censor – Movie Based on Patel Agitation

Power of Patidar film rejected in censor
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Power of Patidar is may be one of the most controversial Gujarati film. Based on Hardik Patel’s life and Anamat Andolan, upcoming gujarati film Power of Patidar is in new controversy. Censor Board rejected the film.

Movie Producer has organized a show for Censor board officers, one member from each of BJP and Congress. Then at the end Censor board rejected the full movie. Gujarati Movie Producer offered some cuts in the film but Censor denied for any cut and rejected the full movie Power of Patidar.

Censor Board officers has said to Movie’s Producer Deepak Soni, “Power of Patidar film has original content. Hardik patel’s name, his family, Patidar title, Anamat Samiti official name could not be published originally. Nalin Kotadiya’s scene is also should not be there in film. Patidar Anamat Andolan logo is also published in the film which is not acceptable.”

Power of Patidar Poster:

Power of Patidar film rejected in censor

Power of Patidar film rejected in censor

The film has also a scene in which a little girl announces PM Narendra Modi’s name. There is also a scene in the film showing CM Anandiben Patel’s getup. The film has also mention of ‘Patel’ word.

This film also has Hardik Patel’s College life. Power of Patidar movie producer Deepak Soni is also a person giving bail to Hardik Patel.

“Patel Anamat Andolan” real story is a base of Power of Patidar film. A 22-year-old boy named Hardik Patel has started Patidar anamat andolan in Gujarat. A person who destroyed Gujarat, Disrespected National Flag and did many Anti-National Activities.

Gujarat’s most controversial Patidar Andolan leader Hardik Patel got bail from jail after 9 months in July 2016. Censor board had approved film’s poster with Real Hardik Patel’s photo but now censor have cancelled the full movie.

This may create a new controversy or new agitation…haha…

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Power of Patidar Gujarati Film Rejected in Censor
Censor board rejected the full movie Power of Patidar. Power of Patidar is based on Hardik Patel and Patel agitation or Patidar anamant andolan
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